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" I am humbled by what people have to say about my coaching... the results speaks for themselves..."

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What people are saying about Joe Grushkin...

Joe Grushkin was very well received at the recent Yarn Market News Smart Business conference in Seattle. Positive, energizing and motivating, he really connected with the audience – a room full of entrepreneurs and business owners (yarn shop proprietors and yarn company executives, to be precise) and scored high on our post-conference survey.

Indeed, the word that came up most often in describing Joe Grushkin was “inspirational.”

He spent what seemed like five minutes (because it went by so fast), but was actually over an hour, addressing the topic of attaining more balance with practicality and passion, providing both concrete resources and a refreshing point of view.

“He enticed his audience, caught our attention and kept us interested.” I would have to agree – I’m still applying suggestions Joe made in his talk to my own life --- and would recommend him wholeheartedly as a keynote speaker.

Karin Strom

Editor in chief

Yarn Market News


"Though Joe Grushkin calls himself a Business coach, you could also say he is a Personal Development or “Life” Coach.  He has opened my eyes to the abundance in life and the power of controlling my mindset to handle the challenges life puts before me.  Through our work I have been able to tap into my inner self to fully develop my potential.  Joe goes out of his way to assist others, sharing his knowledge and time to the betterment of all.  He is a true leader.  The knowledge learned and advice received from Joe will assist me throughout the rest of my business career and in all aspects of life.  I am truly grateful and blessed to have Joe as a mentor and a friend".

Thanks Joe, 

Sherry Lingenfelter

Senior IT Project Manager

Overland Park, KS



Joe Grushkin is an excellent business coach,

His caring and sense of humor make him so easy to approach


But it’s his no nonsense style, that makes him great,

And his true ability to motivate


He challenges his clients for a bigger dream,

And he manages to improve their self-esteem


After each session I felt more empowered to achieve,

He inspired me to reach farther than I could believe


Joe has a passion for knowledge and a yearning to learn,

He’s dedicated to increasing what his clients will earn


He combines his coaching skills with the “law of attraction,”

Showing how abundance is possible, with the right action


Joe’s committed to making your business expand,

He gives real strategies, not just holding your hand


So if you really want your business to grow,

I highly recommend you start working with Joe!


Pamela Nyden   LMT

Advanced Certified EFT Practitioner  


Certified Life Coach

email: pam@eftwithpamnyden.com




“Joe Grushkin is an outstanding business coach. He not only brings an experienced depth of knowledge to our coaching relationship but he will cut to the chase and tell it like it is.  He tells the truth. Joe’s commitment to nurturing and growing both our business and personal relationship has been extra-ordinary. His availability to take calls outside of the actual coaching sessions is what makes Joe an exceptional coach. He has always been there for me. He is not only very intuitive, but he is an excellent listener.  Joe is among the best that I have seen in the industry. As a result of Joe's coaching, I had my best year in 23 years of business.

 From the heart-

G. Scott Diddel
Financial Adviser
Diddel & Diddel, LLC | www.diddel.com
Stamford, CT


I just wanted to take time to let you know how much your coaching with me one on one is viewed in my eye's, it is PRICELESS!!!!!!

When we started out I knew I was a good person, but with your leadership mentoring and training I am now a leader!!!! My life has taken a 180-degree change since I began working with you and everyone around me has noticed.  I am now hearing things like, "wow Cindy you were great at that program" or "you handle that like a pro",  I even had a Captain say... "you are riding a white horse" in response to my work ethic and attitude.

I can never put into words how much your coaching and developing friendship has really touch me down deep in my soul and no amount of money will ever be able to pay you or could truly pay you what that is worth in my eyes.

The one thing I know is that I feel like I won the lotto with having you as my coach.  I know every thing you have taught me and helped me to discover inside myself will only improve who I am as a human and help me to pay it forward to others. This, again, is in my eyes PRICELESS that no amount of money could ever match.

I can say without a doubt you are the best coach I have ever had in my life.  I would recommend you "in a New York second" to anyone looking for a coach, to grow personally or professionally...you give way more than you charge in fees. I would feel sorry for someone if they didn't have an opportunity to be coached by you, in my eyes they are missing out on the true secret in life!!!!.

Thanks again for everything - as I said...you are PRICELESS!!!!!
Cindy Brown
Fire Fighter, Paramedic

Joe Grushkin gave me much than I hired him for. Initially, we were supposed to work on ideas on how to move my business forward.  Joe developed strategies and worked through each one with me that not only helped my company to grow, but also set a good pace for future expansion. 

on top of that, he really taught me about the importance of self-value and how much your time is worth. This is a vital factor in running a successful business that many people never learn.  Joe Grushkin gave me my life back! He showed me many ways to take more time for myself and in addition, proved to me that this made a stronger, more confident and more cohesive staff. I never would have believed it if I didn't experience it myself. would write more, but packing to leave on vacation. My family and i thank Joe Grushkin all the time. Our business has never been more successful. It continues to grow and I have taken off more time in the past six months than I did in the past four years.

Cynthia Crescenzo
Retail Business Owner, Knitting Central
Westport CT


"Joe Grushkin brings a unique spirit to everything he touches.  His passion for excellence and commitment to his convictions are at the highest levels.  He helped bring out the best in me and I am forever thankful." 

Joe Cardillo
National Sales Manager
Vector Marketing Canada, LTD


Joe Grushkin is a man of honor, character and integrity.  He can help anyone who wants to be helped.  He is so humble that I would have never imagined how successful he is if I didn’t already know.  He never once bragged or boasted about his accomplishments or about his material things.  He did not only suggest reading material, but he also answered questions I would ask and he brainstormed with me when I came up with ideas to improve my business.  Joe worked very hard and was very dedicated to me.  I emailed him on several different occasions and many times there was a reply before I even logged off of the computer. 

In summary, my coaching/mentoring sessions with Joe Grushkin have helped me change my outlook on life and change my life itself.  I am very thankful for the opportunity that Joe was available and willing to coach/mentor me.  It has been one of the most positive experiences in my life thus far. 

Thank you Joe!!

Dennis Schnathorst
Iowa State Police officer / Internet Marketer


Joe Grushkin came into our wellness center, Dorr Way To Health, during our holiday party in 2005.  Our staff consisted of 3 main players being a nutritional counselor, a massage therapist, and a personal trainer.  Our business was doing well, but we knew an element was missing from the mix.  We knew we were not as organized as we needed to be, both individually and as a group.

Joe came in and helped to bring us all together.  He worked with us as a group and also separately.  He made himself available to us by phone and also email, which he promptly returned when we left him messages.  He helped us to formalize our thoughts and goals.  He also helped us with our marketing ideas; he is really good at wording promotional pieces.

We have since grown in staff as well as clients!

Laura Dorr
Dorrway to Health



I started working with Joe in 1984 as a sales rep while in college.  Followed him into sales management and can honestly say that I do not believe I would be running my own company today if it were not for the experience and education I received while working with Joe.  Always the leader, always out in front, always looking to make people, products and programs better.

Perry Bigelow
Business Owner - Kommunity Kiosk


Although I have only had the honor of knowing Joe Grushkin for the past 6 months or so, the knowledge and respect he has taught me is worth a lifetime!  Joe has personally coached me from being an absolute "greenhorn" in business to a person who can now teach and help others learn and grow in business themselves.  He has a wonderful knack of telling it like it is while simultaneously bring out the best in you.  His attention to detail leaves no stone unturned and there is no mistaking his desire for perfection.  I am truly honored and grateful for the opportunity to work with Joe and for the friendship that we have developed thus far.  This guy just gets it!

Roy Bredt,
Contractor / Internet Marketer
North Brunswick, NJ


Without a doubt, meeting you in 1987 forever changed my professional life.  You exposed me - and many, many others - to new ideas and improved our skills. You expanded our personal perceptions and helped us realize limits are something we impose on ourselves. Every conversation yielded new insights that challenged our thinking and uncovered new opportunities to improve. You taught us the importance of passion and attitude. I am grateful for that initial meeting and the 20+ years of continuous interaction, support and friendship.

      The mediocre teacher tells.  The good teacher explains.  The superior teacher demonstrates.  The great teacher            inspires.-- William Arthur Ward

You are a great teacher. Thank you.

Angelo Simao
Director, National Accounts,
Boston, MA



I met Joe about 3 yrs. ago through some mutual business associates. I took a liking to him immediately. Joe came off as a very powerful and influential type of person. He knew where he was going, and how to get there. Joe and I spent many hours together or on the phone conquering all types of business challenges. Joe always had time for me and returned phone calls no matter what he was doing. I have a lot of respect for him as a businessman and a friend.

Jim Tomaselli
Business Owner -  Tile and Flooring Retail/Commercial Sales
Norwalk CT


Joe was one of my biggest cheerleaders when my business, Bespeak Presentation Solutions, was in its fledgling stages.  He offered sound measured advice, and always always with praise and encouragement. 
Debbie Fay,
Presentations Coach
Bespeak Presentation Solutions



I worked with Joe Grushkin for almost ten years as a fellow Division Manager with a National Sales Company. He is successful not only in business but also in his personal relationships. He is a great father and husband who puts his family first. Success in life is achieving balance in all you do. He has achieved that success.

Of all the things Joe taught me along the way, it was how to think big and how to believe you can achieve big things in your life.  Joe has the business experience and skills to help people achieve their goals and dreams.

He is a tremendous motivator who truly cares about the people he works with.  Not only has Joe achieved numerous national sales awards personally, he has developed multiple national champions at virtually every level of business from entry level sales people to regional and national managers.

I remember people calling Joe an idea machine. He will always find a way to make something work bigger and better than it has in the past.

He is a true leader that has always gone out and did it himself first. Usually when others said it could not be done.

Mario DeMita Jr.
Regional Sales Manager, Buffalo NY


“Joe Grushkin inspires all those who connect with him... in any context... because he radiates a positive vibration of service to others. And his leadership projects this feeling strongly in all his activities that involve interaction with others. Joe's coaching skills and insight on what it takes to be successful in in life and in business, in any economy, have made a significant difference in my life this year. I am grateful to have shared some time with him and highly recommend that you connect with Joe as a business coach.”

Dennis & Nicki Goff
Internet Marketers
Vancouver BC, Canada


“ The world needs more people who shoot straight from the hip and tell you like it is.  Joe is that person.  Joe has gotten me to open up my eyes to the many possibilities out there and how to think outside the box.  I appreciated all of the useful business insight he has offered and his honesty and humor.  He has made me see the forest through the trees, to look at the bigger picture not only within my business, but personally as well.  It has been a pleasure knowing Joe both professionally and as a friend.  He is a consummate professional and a TRUE entrepreneur.”

Anthony Scire, CPT
Personal Trainer
Norwalk CT


"Joe is that rare individual who is able to bring out the best in others by his sheer personal power...a true leader by example."

John Hancherick
Pittsburgh PA


Joe Grushkin is one of the most dynamic leaders I've worked with.  Not only is he knowledgeable, he is caring and puts his heart into his work.  In working together with Joe, not only have I been blessed with a caring mentor and business associate, but I've been blessed with a lifelong friend.  Thank you Joe for all you do.

D'vorah Lansky,
Global Marketing Specialist


Joe emits a certain presence, a certain kind of attraction that brings people to him.  I met Joe about 8 years ago.  I was the general manager of a car wash /detail center and Joe was one of my customers.  Over time I got to know Joe and we developed a relationship that extended outside of business where Joe served as a personal mentor to me. 

Joe is a genuinely kind hearted person that would give you the shirt off his back if you needed it.  I have seen Joe prosper in everything he does.  He has been a business mentor, coach, and close friend to me in all aspects of both my personal and professional life.  Without Joe, life would not be the same.  I have seen some dark days in my life as of recent, but Joe has been the positive influence I needed to keep going a day at a time.  Thank you Joe for everything; past, present, and future.

Marc Cohen
Business Manager
Westport CT